Gods of Wealth (Part III)

Gods of Wealth from Five Directions

Five Different Gods of Wealth Five Different Gods of Wealth Five Gods of Wealth The God of Wealth brings people money. Five Gods of Wealth must make people much richer. One said that Five Gods of Wealth were five friends who had same birthday and met in a temple. Because they came to the temple for the same purpose to pray for money luck, so they became very close friends. Later, all of them became rich because of successful business. Five of them donated money to build a new temple. They are entitled Five Gods of Wealth after death.

The other popular saying that Five Gods of Wealth are Chao Kung-Ming with his four assistants who are in charge of receiving treasure, collecting jewelry, summoning money and raising profit. The picture on the left shows extra the Boy of Wealth.

Five Different Gods of Wealth means the God of Wealth come from different directions - East, West, South, North and Center. No matter where you go, one of the God of Wealth will be there for you.

Some people choose their own Five Gods of Wealth. two are Gods of Sword Wealth, two Gods of Pen Wealth and God of Windfall.

Five Color Gods of Wealth

Five Color Gods of Wealth

When people devote in the religious, they don't have time and place to pursuit wealth for the living. So religious people pray for their God of Wealth to increase their wealth easier and faster. Thus, the poor become rich and the rich become much richer.

For example, In Tibetan Buddhism, there are Five different color of God of Wealth - Yellow Jamhhala, Red Jambhala, White Jambhala, Black Jambhala and Green Jambhala. (Jambhala is the Buddhist form of the Hindu God of Wealth) The most popular one is Yellow Jamhhala. He is one of the Four Heavenly Kings who protects the world in Buddhism. He is also a benevolent god who bestows wealth.

They said people should pursuit different God of Wealth, depending on their Chinese Astrology Animal Sign or their Chinese Astrology Lucky Element.

      God of Wealth           Your Lucky Element             Your Animal Sign of Year        
White Jamhhala Metal Monkey and Chicken
Black Jambhala Water Pig and Rat
Green Jambhala Wood Tiger and Rabbit
Red Jambhala Fire Snake and Horse
Yellow Jamhhala Earth Cow, Dragon, Sheep and Dog

Who is the God of Wealth in China?