2018 Chinese New Year Festival Day 8: The Completion Day

The Completion Day

Yen-Lo King in the Chinese Hell The holiday for government and business company ends on the 5th lunar day. But some people take long days off until 8th lunar day. The Completion Day means people should return from the holiday vacation and go back to work. All the meat and cake prepared for Chinese New Year should finish on this day. Everything should back to normal.


The 8th lunar day of the first month is also the birthday of Yen-Lo King, who is 5th king of Legendary Hell in 5th palace.

The 5th palace of the hell is under the northern-east side of the big scorching and burning stone in the sea. The king of the 5th palace is Yen-Lo King. The palace has 64,000 square miles long. It contains 16 divisions of the small hells.

Yen-Lo King was in charge of the first palace of the hell. He sent the death people who died of injustice back to the human world to have a chance to clear up the false charge many times. Then he was demoted to the fifth palace of the hell.