2018 Chinese New Year Festival Day 6: Clear-Water Master Day (Pig Day)

Clear-Water Master Day | God of Pig Day

Chinese New Year Pig This day is the death anniversary of the Clear-Water Grand Master. The Master was a monk in Sung dynasty. He prayed for rain many times to save people during the drought. He persuaded people to build many bridges and to plant trees. Many miracle events happened after his death. Once he lived at Clear-Water Rock Mountain. So people call him Clear-Water Grand Master. His temple will have a big ceremony on this day. Many people are still on holiday vacation and will go to attend the ceremony.

In the agriculture society, before the toilet age, Chinese farmers called someone to clean the manure pit every 3 to 5 days. This is the day to clean the manure pit. Today, some families take care new year trashes and clean up rooms this day.

Chinese New year Pig gala

In Taiwan, there is a contest for the title of the God of Pig at the temple of Clear-Water Grand Master. The heaviest pig can win the title. The 2007 winner pig was close to 2000 lbs. All the contest pigs will be killed, haircut, colored and shown their back on the truck. Because the God of Pig is so heavy, the owner can sell pork for more than a million Taiwanese dollar.

Chinese New Year outdoor theater

The traditional Chinese opera will be invited and perform on the street for days to celebrate this special festival.