2018 Chinese New Year Festival Day 4: The God of the Stove Day

The Day to Welcome the God of Stove Back

God of Stove On the 24th of 12th lunar month, The God of Stove went back the Heaven to report his duty, which is the Farewell DayThe God of Stove will return the house on the 4th lunar day of Chinese New Year.

Since the Heaven is far away from the Earth, it will take almost a day for The God of Stove to travel down to Chinese family's kitchen. The God of Stove must leave the Heaven in the morning. He should arrive people house in the afternoon. Therefore, the Welcome Ceremony will be in the afternoon. This same to the Farewell day, Chinese prepare animal sacrifices, fruit, food, cake and wine to worship The God of Stove. After the Welcome Ceremony, Chinese family will explore firecracker to welcome The God of Stove back into the house.