Year of Sheep 2015 A Sheep is a farmland animal. Sheep are herbivore and like to eat grass. Therefore, Sheep contains Earth and Wood in Chinese Five Element theory. The Sheep hour of Chinese Horoscopes is from 1 P.M. to 3 P.M. The ground has absorbed lots of heat at noon. July is connected to Sheep. July is still summer. Therefore, Sheep also contains Fire. Some Chinese eat lamb during the winter in order to keep warm.


Sheep is one of Chinese lucky animals. Sheep doesn't have to do the farm work. Instead, all the farmland jobs go to the Ox. Therefore, Ox doesn't like Sheep. Sheep have freedom to look for any kind of grasses. They never worry about running out of grass. They have mild personality and are friendly to human. Chinese treat Sheep as an auspicious animal.


Sheep is one of Chinese favorite animals. The Chinese character of Luck Chinese Luck Character contains the Chinese Sheep Character. The pronunciation of Chinese Luck Character is Xiang, which is close to Yang Chinese Sheep Character. Therefore, Sheep becomes a lucky animal. The sound of Chinese Yang Character Yang is same to Chinese Yang Character Yang of Yin Yang. Chinese Yang Character Yang means the positive energy in the universe.



In Chinese New Year festival of the Sheep Year, Chinese like to mention san-yang-kai-tai Three Yang Auspicious Begin, which means many (three) Yang energy bring up auspicious, cordial and tranquil atmosphere. But Chinese like to replace Chinese Yang Character by Chinese Sheep Character as Three Sheep Auspicious Begin in the Sheep year. Actually, Three Goats Start Peace is from I-Ching Hexagrams Tiger Month Hexagrams. Three bars in the bottom are three Chinese Yang Character Yang, which represents Heaven (Sky). Three broken bars on the top are three Yin, which represents Earth (Ground). Strong Yang energy is going up from the ground. This natural phenomenon is connected to the time of beginning Spring. More Detail About San-Yang-Kai-Tai.


Sheep is the 8th animal in 12 zodiac signs. Sheep is after 6th Snake and 7th Horse. Snake, Horse and Sheep are in the Fire cycle based on the theory of Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) astrology system.


2014 is Horse year. Horse is in the Fire group. Sheep contains Fire, Earth and Wood. If Fire brought you luck in 2014, then your luck in 2015 will continue. 2016 is the year of Monkey. Monkey is the first year of Metal cycle. Therefore, 2015 is the year between Fire and Metal. 2015 will be a turning point year for many people.


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Chinese New Year is the biggest event in Chinese world. The Chinese New Year Eve is the day of family reunion. Every Chinese will try their best to go home to have dinner with parents in the Chinese New Year Eve. Then Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days until Chinese Lantern Festival.


Chinese New Year Day 1; New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Day 2: Son-in-Law Day

Chinese New Year Day 3: Mice Wedding Day and Red-Dog Day

Chinese New Year Day 4: Welcome the God of Stove Day

Chinese New Year Day 5: God of Wealth Day, Open Business Day

Chinese New Year Day 6: Clear-Water Master Day (God of Pig Day)

Chinese New Year Day 7: The Human Day

Chinese New Year Day 8: The Completion Day

Chinese New Year Day 9: The Birthday of Jade Emperor, King of Heaven

Chinese New Year Day 10: The Eating Day

Chinese New Year Day 11: The Break Day

Chinese New Year Day 12: The Diarrhea Day

Chinese New Year Day 13: The Death Anniversary of General Kuan Yu

Chinese New Year Day 14: The Lantern Decoration Day

Chinese New Year Day 15: The Lantern Festival


Chinese Culture and Religious behind Chinese New Year.


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