2014 Year of Horse Horse can run very swiftly and provide the ride for people. It was a good transportation to bring people to their destination. Therefore, Chinese treat horse as an auspicious symbol for speedy success.


War horse can help people to win the battle. Racing horse can help people to win the honor. Horse can do the farming job for farmers. It also can perform the entertainment for us. However, the Horse must be trained first, then become useful to human. Without human ride on it, the horse doesn't know where to go.


Dragon and Horse are auspicious symbols to Chinese. Chinese said that the best flyer is the sky is Dragon and the best runner on the ground is Horse. Dragon and Horse are the symbols of high-rank, outstanding, noble and leadership. Chinese history book said Horse has 30 percents of Dragon personality. More than 8-foot tall Horse is called Dragon-Horse. A person with Dragon-Horse Spirit doesn't mean only a person with full energy as the Dragon-Horse, but also, a person pushing himself to transcend his potential to hold the leadership.


Chinese like to look for Dragon-Horse, which is the sturdy and beautiful stallion. The stallion must be tall and be able to outrun other horses. If the stallion can run one-thousand--Chinese-mile (about 312 miles) a day, then it called one-thousand--Chinese-mile Horse, which means winged steed. Today, when a person is called one-thousand--Chinese-mile Horse, that means the person is a hard-to-find, outstanding, experienced elite and knows how to run the business.


2014 is the Green Horse Year. A horse is on the green field. It can run long way without stopping. 2014 provides the open opportunity for hard-working people. Horse likes to compete the speed and the distance with others. In order to win, it can run to death. Year of horse is the year of competition.


According to Chinese Five Elements, Horse is in the Fire group. Fire is the color of red. Horse is a Romantic Star in the Chinese horoscopes. Horse will help people find a new friendship or build a deeper love relationship. People born in Sheep, Dog or Tiger year will have better people relationship. People born in the year of Pig will have a secret relationship with opposite sex. People born in Rat will have poor social relationship. This is because Rat is in the Water group. Water Rat and Fire Horse cannot get along too well.


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Chinese New Year is the biggest event in Chinese world. The Chinese New Year Eve is the day of family reunion. Every Chinese will try their best to go home to have dinner with parents in the Chinese New Year Eve. Then Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days until Chinese Lantern Festival.


Chinese New Year Day 1; New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Day 2: Son-in-Law Day

Chinese New Year Day 3: Mice Wedding Day and Red-Dog Day

Chinese New Year Day 4: Welcome the God of Stove Day

Chinese New Year Day 5: God of Wealth Day, Open Business Day

Chinese New Year Day 6: Clear-Water Master Day (God of Pig Day)

Chinese New Year Day 7: The Human Day

Chinese New Year Day 8: The Completion Day

Chinese New Year Day 9: The Birthday of Jade Emperor, King of Heaven

Chinese New Year Day 10: The Eating Day

Chinese New Year Day 11: The Break Day

Chinese New Year Day 12: The Diarrhea Day

Chinese New Year Day 13: The Death Anniversary of General Kuan Yu

Chinese New Year Day 14: The Lantern Decoration Day

Chinese New Year Day 15: The Lantern Festival


Chinese Culture and Religious behind Chinese New Year.


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